14 May

One problem that has been confirmed to be so prevalent in the Western society and more peculiar with the adult population is that of loneliness.  The adult population has been suffering from a problem of a kind and that is that of being accorded the least of attention.  Adults, as they grow older and advance in age, are always in the tendency of drifting further and further from their families and the society in general.

The piece of news that is here is one that is supported and based on a report that was in a published scientific journal that reported that Mindfulness meditation indeed helps adults deal with the problems of loneliness.  What other can be said about such a finding other than  the fact that this is surely a piece of celebrated news given the fact that loneliness has indeed been found to be a major risk factor when you look at cases of a number of health issues such as Alzheimer's and cardiovascular ones, amongst many others.

As we move on, we will first need to have a clearer understanding of what loneliness actually is.  As opposed to the view that may be so common and prevalent that it is a feeling of physical isolation, loneliness is not as much of that as it is more of a sense of social disconnection.  There are quite a number of reasons why the seniors tend to suffer more from loneliness as compared to the other members of the society and these are such as the cases of the Empty Nest Syndrome, ineffective social skills, and  lack of social networks among a host of other factors.  There has as well been seen a trend in the fact of the infectious nature of loneliness in the fact that lonely people oftentimes tend to be never accommodative of others for some reason or another such as that of their fear for rejection.  Let's see how Mindfulness meditation will help these people overcome loneliness.

Mindfulness meditation has been as effective as a treatment to loneliness given the fact that it so addresses the very cause of the very problem and that is the human psyche.  One of the key agenda of mindfulness meditation is in the fact that it quite enables one to appreciate their interconnectedness with the rest of humanity.  Mindfulness meditation as well allows one to quite well develop better social skills.  As a matter of fact, if you happen to practice mindfulness meditation on a regular basis, as a matter of fact you will be able to see your loneliness reduce significantly in the fact that you will be able to develop meaningful and intimate relations with others without necessary feeling inhibited by the fears of rejection. To know more about health, visit this website at http://www.ehow.com/health/conditions-treatments/.  

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